Ensuring your details are secure

Our secure-server software encrypts all your personal information including credit or debit card number and name and address. The encryption process takes the characters you enter and converts them into code that are then securely transmitted over the Internet. The data is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. This is the industry standard for secure connections on the internet and is used by most e-commerce sites including your online bank.

How do I know this website is secure?

It is easy to determine if your connection is secure; in your browser URL you will notice a padlock icon. Also look out for the sign of a secure web page, which can be identified by the URL (the web site address). A standard page will begin with ‘http://’. A secure web page will begin with the URL ‘https://’ denoting that the merchant is using a secure server for the transaction of data.

How does encryption work?

All credit card details are encrypted using Let’s Encrypt software. When you establish a secure connection, the downloaded website sends a digital certificate to your web browser. When the certificate arrives, it contains a public key, which functions as a one-way encryption device. The browser then uses this key to scramble your personal data (Credit Card Information) before sending it over the Internet. Information encrypted with the public key cannot be decrypted without the corresponding private key, which only the merchant has. Without this exclusive, private key, your personal information cannot be read.

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